‘Mare’ Creator Reveals Reason For Leaving Friend And Foe; Teaser Trailer Revealed [VIDEO]


The creator of "Mare" reveals his reason for leaving Friend and Foe. The teaser trailer for the upcoming video game has been revealed recently.

The start of "Vane" and how it was lost

Rui Guerreiro told Polygon in an exclusive interview that it all started when he worked with Team Ico for "The Last Guardian." During his stay there, he started working on the "Vane" prototype, which was at first a personal art project for him to do in his spare time. When he left the team, he took it with him so that he could develop it further.

Guerrero then took on a job with the art outsourcing studio called Shapefarm, which later would become Friend and Foe. They were working on a contract work on the action game "Devil's Third." It was at this time he revealed the prototype he was working on with the team and they liked it.

The game company started to turn "Vane" into a formal project with most of the company, which were five full-time team members. It became more of a video game than an art experiment that Guerreiro did. As time passed and the game grew, he started to lose control over the project, he revealed.

The reason Guerreiro left the game company

Guerreiro said that it was something that he did not expect because the company expected things that would benefit them. He was more interested in just creating a good game. He explained that he just wanted to do something he likes, and the way he likes it as well.

After the release of a "Vane" trailer during the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, Guerreiro left Friend and Foe. He is currently working on "Mare" and he is doing the programming, graphics, and design. He believes he can do things quickly on his own compared to having a team of five.

"Mare" trailer revealed

According to the official blog of Vision Trick, they have revealed a new teaser trailer for "Mare," which can be viewed below. They also announced that they have teamed up with Oculus to bring the game to the Oculus platforms.

Check out the "Mare" Teaser Trailer below:

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