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‘Steven Universe’ Season 4 ‘Three Gems And A Baby,’ Last Episode?; Creator Sugar Collaborating With ‘Gravity Falls’ Hirsch? [VIDEO]


"Steven Universe" season 4 episode 9 titled "Three Gems and a Baby" may be the last episode of the show as there is no other announcements of episode titles for the coming weeks. Moreover, "Steven Universe" creator Rebecca Sugar has been rumored to be in talks with Disney's "Gravity Falls" creator Alex Hirsch possibly collaborating on a new venture.

Episode 9 of the fourth season of "Steven Universe" is a throwback episode where everything happened in the past. "Three Gems and a Baby" features the life of the young father Greg, who is forced to raise the infant Steven whose mom, Rose Quartz, died.

The father and son team will be seen in action with a much younger Greg struggling with his new found responsibility. Greg is aided by Steven's three gem aunts, who will guide the young boy and introduce him to new worlds as reported in tvlistings. Since it is a throwback episode, fans are highly anticipating the cameo of Rose Quartz.

The creator of "Steven Universe" recently appeared in the New York comic con and revealed that they will be featuring a new song in the "Steven Universe" Season 4 episode 9 according to a report. The song is called "I Could Never Be Like This" sang by Greg's voice/actor Tom Scharpling with creator Rebecca Sugar.

Meanwhile, speculations are rife again about the cancellation of the show due to poor ratings since season 3. Cartoon Network and Sugar have been uncharacteristically quiet as to the future of the show, which leads many to believe episode 9 may be the last.

Moreover, redditt users have revealed that Sugar was seen with "Gravity Falls" creator Alex Hirsch, which could further prove that there will be no more "Steven Universe" season 5. Sugar and Hirsch may be collaborating for another project since Hirsch's show just ended while Sugar's is about to end.

For now, fans may still see and enjoy "Steven Universe" season 4 episode 9, which airs on Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. in cartoon Network.

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