‘Dark Souls 3’ Update 1.09 Download Available This Friday; New Patch Increases Game Difficulty? [VIDEO]


"Dark Souls 3" update 1.09 download on Friday will provide fixes to various issues on the newest Ashes of Ariandel DLC. The new patch may potentially tip the scale of the game balance and increase its difficulty.

The Ashes of Ariandel is the very first expansion for the game "Dark Souls 3." It has been well received by gamers especially those who prefer the mystical and dark genre of brutal worlds and savage beasts as reported by IGN.

"Dark Souls 3" Update 1.09 download will be available on Nov. 25 as reported in fextralife. There are no new features that come with the update, but the patches will help a gamer progress or even in finish the most difficult game ever made as some gamers would say. What do the new patches offer?

The list of the patch notes are quite extensive, meaning there are going to be lots of fixes on this one. The fixes start in the new location, the Painted World of Ariandel, where guests face off Sir Vilhelm. The issues on a reappearing and disappearing Sir Vilhelm wil be fixed and also his getting trapped in the rocks.

Another important bug fix includes the spawning and movement of the enemies, which changes when the game is reloaded. The undead match of six players will also get rid of hanging issues.

Also covered by the new patch are control and visualization issues. Glitches will also be resolved. There will be adjustment on the game balance, which is not yet specified if difficulty will decrease or increase.

Gamers know that "Dark Souls 3" is one of the most difficult games in the market right now so it is highly anticipated as to what the new update will do. "Dark Souls 3" is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC. "Dark Souls 3" update 1.09 download begins Friday this week.

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