‘Fallout: New Vegas’ The Frontier Mod Adds Space Combat, Vehicles, Mutants & More; Winter Release Date? [VIDEO]


The "Fallout: New Vegas" conversion, better known as The Frontier, has now added low-gravity space combat, drivable Mad Max vehicles, and new on-the-go weapon mod. Could this mean that The New Frontier is almost completed? If so, "Fallout" fans may see a winter release date, which developers are actually targeting with a no-matter-what attitude.

Developers have just released a new video update on the latest "The New Frontier" mod, but this has been flagged down by Gaijin Entertainment for copyright claims. What is the latest news with the new mod?

The mod certainly lives up to its New Vegas theme, featuring new weapons, mutants, monsters and a new environment. From the arid dessert, the new mod takes gamers to snowy Portland, Oregon and then into space.

The new assets have been well received by the fans, saying the mod at its incomplete stage seems impressive which sets expectations high for the completed version. There are voiced characters, Mad Max inspired vehicles that gamers can drive, and of course, space flight and weapon modification while in motion as reported by PCGamer.

"Fallout: New Vegas" The Frontier is a story of Gen. Blackthorn of the New California Republic who is out to oust Pres. Kimball, who he thinks is doing a poor job in fighting the Legion. Kimball exiled Blackthorn in The Frontier, which means that the general will have to cross the Mojave dessert to retake what he believes is his. There is also a war of three groups waged by NCK, Ceasar's Legion and the Citizen of New Vegas over access to Hoover Dam.

"Fallout: New Vegas" The Frontier has been in the works for more than a year, which is not surprising since the modders behind it can only contribute their spare time. However, the group has been pushing for a winter release date and from the looks of the stats in the official website of The New Frontier, the process is already three quarters complete with scripting requiring more work as reported in Polygon.

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