Xbox One Scorpio To Deliver 4K Gaming, A Premium Game Console With A Premium Price Tag?


Microsoft is about to release its new Xbox One Scorpio next year and its poised to beat Sony's PlayStation4 in terms of raw computing power.

The new gaming system will be different from the current Xbox One and even the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 Pro. Microsoft claims that the company's upcoming Scorpio console will be the most powerful console ever made.

The Main Strength

According to Microsoft, Xbox One Scorpio will be equipped with the most powerful graphics processor along with powerful chipset and peripherals. It will also deliver high-end 4K gaming experience, something console gamers haven't seen before.Microsoft claims that the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio will feature and bale to run games at 4K native resolution, something that the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro doesn't have.

This 4K resolution capability is being touted as a distinct advantage that will finally put the Microsoft console in the commanding lead against arch-rival Sony.With this kind of feature, the "Xbox One" Scorpio will stand out among any other video game console that is currently available in the market.

What To Expect From The New Microsoft Console

Like the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo with its new Nintendo Switch, Microsoft is also keeping its cards close to its chest. There are already reports that the new Microsoft gaming console will come with 6 Teraflops of raw computing power. Compare that to the Sony PlayStation Pro at 4 Teraflops, a 40 percent increase in terms of power, a huge technological gap between the two consoles.

Powering the Xbox One Scorpio will be an octagon core chip along with the 320GB per second memory bandwidth. There also a rumored 230GB of storage installed, which said could allow the console to do what Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg promised recently. The company also added that their new gaming console will be able to run native 4K games without taking any hit on the hardware's overall performance.

Rumors are also rife on the web that the upcoming Xbox Scorpio will feature a combination of AMD's new Zen CPU and high-performance enthusiast-grade Vega GPU architectures in a next-generation System-on-Chip.

A Premium Game Console With A Premium Price Tag

Unfortunately for gamers, Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Scorpio will come at a hefty price tag. According to Xbox boss Phil Spence, Xbox One Scorpio is a premium console that comes at a premium price and a much higher price than the Xbox One S. some Analysts are already predicting a price tag at around $599.

But Microsoft has some good news for the gamers. The company has plans to offer a trade-up program for Xbox One Scorpio, so gamers able to trade their existing Xbox One or Xbox One S consoles towards the new system.

The Xbox One Scorpio is scheduled to launch in 2017.

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