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‘Fantastic Beasts’ Johnny Depp: Iconic, Director Says; Why J.K. Rowling Needs To Find Another Grindelwald? [VIDEO]


 "Fantastic Beasts" Johnny Depp was chosen by the director because of the actor's ability to play and establish iconic characters. Depp plays the evil wizard Geller Grindelwald, who is both charming and dangerous, which fans say mirror the actor's real life, especially with his ongoing domestic troubles. Moreover, Depp's cameo during the last scene of the movie fell flat to the expectations of the fans, prompting many to ask J.K. Rowling to find another actor as Grindelwald.

"Fantastic Beasts" director David Heyman has praised Depp's uncanny ability to make iconic characters in the roles he played. "Edward Scissorhands" was the actor's breakthrough performance in the big screen followed by other recent box-office hits like "The Lone Ranger," "Alice in Wonderland," and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to name a few.

Perhaps Depp's most iconic character is none other than Capt. Jack Sparrow of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbeans. Depp's Sparrow continues to be very popular especially with the younger demographic.

However, Johnny Depp is not the most sought-after Hollywood actor these days especially given his controversial divorce with Amber Heard, who accused the actor of domestic violence. Depp has had box-office hits in the past few years, but all of these were soon forgotten when the actor's domestic troubles began.

 "Fantastic Beasts"Johnny Depp had a cameo during the last scene of the movie, but fans are not happy with it. Many praised the movie, which raked in $75 million dollars and became the number one movie last weekend.

Fans expressed their disappointment with Depp's big reveal in the movie, which fell flat compared to Colin Farrel's steely and menacing performance as reported in Entertainment Weekly. Farrel played Percival Graves, the identity that Grindelwald took as a disguise.

However, Heymann and J.K. Rowling have defended casting the actor, saying that he alone could bring Grindelwald to life. Heymann has tried to appease the fans, asking them to be more patient for Depp will soon reveal a truer Grindelwald in the sequel, which will be released in 2018.

J. K. Rowling, who wrote the book and the screenplay for the movie, has also expressed that she is happy with Depp's Grindelwald. In an interview with Collider, Heymann revealed that "Fantastic Beasts" Johnn Depp casting was intentional because Depp have proven mastery in portraying iconic characters. "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" is no showing on various theaters.

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