Career Advice: 7 Mistakes That Are Holding You Back


This question was posted in Quora: "What are the common mistakes people make that ruin their lives?"

Life coach, writer and speaker Lukas Schwekendiek gave this amazing answer:

Not dreaming big enough

Dreams should be exciting enough that you look forward to and work for it everyday.

Let them think you're crazy for chasing big dreams. Challenge yourself and don't be stuck with self-limiting beliefs.

Expecting instant success

Most people become restless and gives up when things don't happen fast enough. We're used to having things instantly: high speed internet, fast food, instant messaging and forgot that everything worth having takes time.

Waiting shouldn't be a problem when we know the best things are worth it.

Lack of accountability to oneself

When we fail to take responsibility for our lives, we lose the chance to empower ourselves to change our circumstances. As a result we easily fall victims to life's adversities.

We can't control everything but we can control ourselves. Take responsibility and own your life.

Little faith in one's abilities

People fail because they justify limiting beliefs. They think, "I tried but I'm just not good enough." They succumb to learned helplessness.

It's all thoughts. Think and believe that you can even though you have no idea what to do. Believe that you can figure something out and take charge.


Success needs effort. Don't under-commit your work and expect astounding results. It takes effort. Often, it's more effort than we are prepared and willing to give. This is why we fail.

Doing it no matter how long takes without counting the effort, that's commitment.Adopt a "whatever it takes" attitude and you'll be less bothered obstacles and more focused on your goals.

Going With the wrong crowd

Don't stick with people who doesn't believe in what you're doing. They drag you down.

You are the average of the 5 people you spent most of your time with. That said, be with people who inspire you to grow into the person you dream of becoming and deserving of the life you dream of.

Selective change

Changing the outcome means changing the input. You cannot change one without changing the other. You can't expect growth in your income if you won't change your working habits.

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