‘MacBook Pro’ Touch Bar 'Doom' Game Too Awkward To Play

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Everyone might not know that the “MacBook Pro” Touch Bar has a hidden game. That’s right. The sophisticated and advantageous Touch Bar is playable with "Doom."

"Doom," as a low-end game, is frequently used for testing lower specs of devices. While the Touch Bar is the crowning slate of “MacBook Pro,” the newest feature only has a 2170 x 60 resolution, making it a perfect candidate to test this low-end game.

In a video, Facebook engineer Adam Bell grabbed the challenge and tested whether the classic shooting game "Doom" is really playable on the “MacBook Pro” Touch Bar.

Surprisingly, "Doom" is “feasible”. Yet, its slim screen resolution made the game too distorted. Although the gaming sound and “effects” can be heard, it is still not a good idea. The characters are barely seen and the display is probably akin with unsophisticated presentation.

But many are asking, why should you play "Doom" in a tiny 60-pixel high display screen? Obviously, the Retina 2560 x 1600/ 2880 x 1800 display would be great, right? Where is the fun in there? With many tech experts asking whether the “MacBook Pro” Touch Bar is genuinely useful or just a gimmick, Adam Bell have just proven another interesting hindsight.

Yet, if users would put it in the practical context, the “MacBook Pro” lean and skinny strip of Touch Bar shouldn’t be confused between its practicality on the keyboard functionality versus its tiny display. In this sense, the Doom game is really awkward and unreasonable to begin with.

Besides, one would not pay with the hefty price that comes with the “MacBook Pro” just to play the game, right? Come on.

On a side note, further questions and query still remains with the “MacBook Pro” Touch Bar’s utility. Users have been asking whether the Touch Bar will stay limited to the “MacBook Pro” or would a classy keyboard version is available with the other MacBook versions. But Apple has no comments about this until this point in time.

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