'The Division' Update: Survival Expansion Coming Tomorrow, Last Stand Expansion Not Coming Next Year?


"Tom Clancy's The Division" second paid Survival expansion goes live today for Xbox One and PC gamers, a feast day for thousands of its fans.

Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 players will have to wait until Dec. 20 for the update to arrive. However, if the player has already acquired the Season Pass, Survival will be free and can start downloading immediately assuming the player has standby / background downloading enabled.

The Survival expansion will be officially released tomorrow alongside a major update patch1.5, which will also release first on Xbox One and PC. But the update will come slightly late for PS4 gamers, though the developer did not announce a specific time. Ubisoft made the announcement on a blog post.

As reported earlier here, the update patch 1.5 and the Survival expansion will be released on the Xbox One and PC players simultaneously, while PS4 players will have to wait until December 20 to get the update.

The Survival game mode, which sees groups of up to 24 players working together to survive against the brutal environment, takes place in a modified version of The Division' Manhattan place. The intense street fight and marches could last up to two hours.

As what explain in the full patch notes, A new world tier bracket (224+ gear score) will be added, featuring level-34 enemy NPCs. There will be some changes in the weapon side, with the biggest changes coming from the hip fire for all weapon types, which now has a stronger recoil than aiming down sights. Marksman pistols are impacted the most by this massive change, while rifles get the least. In addition, the stash size has been increased significantly, moving from 70 to 150 total items.

Of course, there will also be a number of bug fixes here. This includes an issue about players getting temporarily invincible after using Survivor Link. Additionally, the patch notes also explain that the upcoming update fixes a mysterious bug called " weird door."

After the Survival DLC release this year, comes the game's final expansion, the "Last Stand". Reports said that "Last Stand" was scheduled for release this winter, but is now due out for next year.

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