Student Must-Read: The Secret to Staying Self Motivated


How many times have you caught yourself pausing in the middle of work and wishing you were somewhere else? Don't you just hate it when you find it hard to accomplish your tasks? If you want to be successful, what you need is self-motivation.

There are endless studies and advice shared on how to sustain a person's motivation, but there's actually just one solution: practice Thanksgiving Day, every single day.

Studies prove that being grateful can make an impact in your life in all the right ways. It can reduce your stress, improve your relationships with others and even enhance the condition of your health. If you have that sense of gratitude, you tend to always face everything with positivity and optimism, regardless if they are good things or they are challenges. In short, a grateful person is a motivated person and the only way to keeping yourself motivated is by constantly giving thanks.

Here is how you can do it all year round:

  •  Before anything else, start your day by giving thanks. In every waking moment, instead of grabbing your phone, think of all the good things you should be thankful for, even the tiny blessings you should celebrate. This is a very important practice to keep you going for the rest of the day.
  •  Think of all the people you want to thank. It will make you appreciate more the most important people in your life, and at the same time you will be able to make them happy by making them feel valued.
  •  Be grateful for your health by sweating at least once a day. You don't need an intense workout, you just need a little exercise because exercise can make you feel happy and motivated.
  •  Laugh often because laughter can even make you feel happier. When you laugh, endorphins are being released by your brain and these chemical contribute to you feeling happy.

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