‘Tekken 7’: New Cinematic Trailer, Characters, Harada’s Hints Of The Gameplay


The long wait is finally coming to an end for fans and "Tekken 7" will be available soon after news that Bandai Namco has finally release an ultimate gameplay trailer for its upcoming fighting game.

Since its release in March 2015, “Tekken 7” has stormed out Japanese arcades, but fans of the game are sill anticpating when it will be released in consoles.

According to Game Rant, Kazuya Mishima family might be center of “Tekken 7” story as the trailer hints. The trailer also confirmed characters such as Heihachi Akuma, and Nina Williams.

The publisher of the fighting game has also confirmed the addition of “Tekken 6” fan-favorite character Meguil Caballero Rojo to roster in “Tekken 7” as a continuum to the ever-expanding playable characters.

Although there are still no concrete details available, “Tekken 7” producer Katsuhiro Harada has given some details on its latest installment of the game series.

According to GameSpot, Harada emphasized the growth of each character and how they develop in each storyline.

“In typical story modes in other fighting games, you merely load the game, each character says one or two lines to each other before the battle, then you go into the standard battle with the timer from the same position all the time. All the same rules apply from them fighting, we tried to change that,” Harada stated.

He continued that some cinematic shift will also be featured in the “Tekken 7” gameplay itself.
“All these things were done to make the game feel very immersive. Whatever is going on in the cinematics shifts straight into the in-game scene, and then straight into the gameplay itself. You’re not thrown into the standard battle. That’s really what we focus on changing this time for story mode.” The producer added.

The upcoming fighting game “Tekken 7” will be available for players’ on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in early 2017. Surely gamers will make the wait worthwhile.

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