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Samsung Vs. Xiaomi: The Battle To Top Spot In This Week’s Trending Phones; Vivo V5 A New Contender? [VIDEO]


Samsung versus Xiaomi is the theme of this week's trending phones, but newcomer Vivo is a surprise as it grabs the fourth spot. The top ten trending phones feature the growing popularity of midrange phones as more users consider features set and prices when purchasing a phone.

There is no question that the Koreans have secured the top spot for several weeks now with the Chinese staying close. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime claims top spot, again, with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 coming in second. The third spot goes to Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016).

However, a newcomer Vivo V5 enters straight to the fourth spot, just after Vivo announced having three more phones in store for this week. Vivo V5 is popular among those who love to take selfies as indicated by its high sales in India.

Vivo phones are manufactured by another Chinese company and recently entered the Indian market for smartphones. Founded in 2009, Vivo focuses more on developing low-cost Android phones, bringing mid-range phones in India as reported by gadget360.

Going back to the top ten trending phones, the Samsung versus Xiaomi is no longer a point of contention for the list clearly favors the South Korean phone. Here is the top 10 trending phones as reported in GSM Arena:

1. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime - 5.5" display, 1080x1920 pixels; 13MP camera; 3GB Ram memory; 3300mAh battery capacity

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - 5.5" display, 1080x1920 pixels; 16MP camera; 3GB Ram; 4050mAh battery cappacity

3. Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) - 5.5" display with 720x1280 pixels resolution; 13MP camera; 2GB Ram memory; 3300mAh battery capacity

4. Vivo V5 - 5.5" display, 720x1280 pixels; 13MP camera; 4GB Ram memory; 3000mAh battery capacity

5. Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime - 5.0" display, 720x1280 pixels; 13MP camera; 4100mAh battery capacity

6. Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) - 5.2" display, 720x1280 pixels; 13MP camera; 2GB Ram, 3100mAh battery capacity

7. Apple iPhone 7 - 4.7"display, 750x1334 pixels; 12MP camera; 2GB Ram; 1960 mAh battery capacity

8. Oppo F1s - 5.5" display, 720x1280 pixels; 13MP camera; 3GB Ram; 3075mAh battery capacity

9. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - 5.5" display, 1440x2560 pixels; 12MP camera, 4GB Ram; 3600mAh battery capacity

10. Xiaomi Mi Mix - 6.4" display, 1080x2040 pixels; 16MP camera, 6GB Ram; 4400mAh battery capacity

Samsung versus Xiaomi may still be a subject of debate among gadget geeks and tech savvy consumers. For now, evidence clearly say that more people still trust the Samsung name after the note 7 fiasco.

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