3 Ways For You To Snag Your Own Snapchat Spectacles: A Hot Item Everyone Wants [Video]


The hype around a pair of Snapchat's Spectacles has been spreading like wildfire causing it to become such a hard item to find. We will show you three easy ways to snag your own pair or two.

The first question everyone is asking is "where do we find them?" Well, in most likelihood, nowhere near you. However, if you are still intent on snagging your pair of Snapchat Spectacles, read on.

The Snapbot

The Snapbot is a transportable vending machine that pops out Snapchat Spectacles for $130 a pop. The Snapbot changes its location every two days and is the only means to get a pair at its actual retail price. A new location is determined where it will appear next after the lapse of a 24-hour countdown on the Spectacles website, according to Wired.

A small warning, though, reports are in saying long lines form once the location of the Snapbot is dropped. Snapbot is the cheapest way to get your own pair, but the hardest, Business Insider reported.

Fork it over on eBay or Craigslist

Being a hot item, bids on eBay for Snapchat Spectacles go into the high hundreds of dollars. As of this report, bids range from $900 up to a high of $4,500 for unsealed and sealed containers, respectively. Those desperate enough for a pair who goes to Craigslist, it is best to consider meeting the seller at a SafeTrade Spot, c|net advised.

A word of caution: Snap Inc., legal distributors of Snapchat Spectacles, cannot guarantee the authenticity of pairs bought outside of Snapbot.

Rent one

Not entirely the same as actually owning a pair but getting the feel of what it would be like owning one, gear rental companies like Lumoid and Joymode offers a few of their Snapchat Spectacles for rent. Lumoid requires a deposit with rental payments that will set you back $60 for a minimum of three days.

They ship anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii and included is a pre-paid return shipping packet so you can simply drop them in the mail once your rental time is done.

Joymode offers a lower rental fee at $40 for up to four days. However, rentals for Snapchat Spectacles through Joymode is restricted to the Los Angeles Area. They deliver the spectacles to you and pick them up after you're done.

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