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‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Air Date & Update: Eren, Mikasa’s Lives Exposed to Danger; Mikasa Transforming to Titan In Season 2? [VIDEO]


Gruesome and exciting fights await fans of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 as both Eren and Mikasa are being targeted by the titans.

CSN reported that Eren Jeager will finally decide to leave both Mikasa and Armin. The sudden change in their relationships is believed to have particular significance in the storyline of the series' second season run.

According to rumors, Eren will discover an important truth about his past as he enters into the basement. It was previously revealed that there's a basement where the deep secrets about Eren's family and the titans are being kept. Spoilers suggest that among the secrets he will discover is the fact that Zeke, a.k.a. Beast Titan, is his half-brother. Eren is believed to be able to enter into the basement using the key his father left him.

Master Herald reported that despite Zeke and Eren's brotherly relationship, the former will want Eren's head. As the latter's life will be put in danger, Mikasa, Levi and Armin will come to his rescue.

Aside from Eren, Mikasa will also be pursued by a strong titan to kill her. In fact, there are those who suggest that Mikasa will either be eaten which entails her final appearance in the show or she will transform into a Titan as well, which will give her the ability to give a good fight.

On another note, Dual Shockers confirmed that Nintendo will release the new game for "Attack on Titan" on March 30, 2017. The game will come in three versions: digital, standard, and the special Treasure Box Edition. Included in the latter version are the game's copy, soundtrack, poster, visual boo, tin badge, etc. Of course, this also costs much more than the other versions.

"Attack on Titan" Season 2 is expected to premiere on spring of 2017.

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