‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ Spoilers, Release: Stars Kate Beckinsale Alongside ‘Divergent’ Actor Theo James; Movie May Not Be A Sequel [VIDEO]

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The new trailer of "Underworld: Blood Wars" has unveiled new details about the fifth movie in the "Underworld" saga. Kate Beckinsale reprises her role as Selene as she stars alongside "Divergent" actor Theo James who returns as David.

In the new "Underworld: Blood Wars" trailer, fans see Beckinsale as Selene as she fulfills her mission of ending the Lycan clan war and exact revenge against the group of vampires who went against her.

The Lycans have a new leader, Marius (Tobias Menzies), who declares war against Selene. To help her, the vampires send Selene to a castle where undergoes some experiment that makes her even more powerful than she already is. It is hoped that Selene's heightened abilities and senses will be enough to be Marius and the threat his clan and him poses.

Producer David Kern describes Marius as a "bad-ass dude, much like Lucian (Michael Sheen) in the first film, but even scarier and nastier and more dangerous." Marius' ultimate goal is to defeat Selene since he's after her and her daughter's blood, which he believes will make him the most powerful being to ever exist.

James also holds a strong presence in the "Underworld: Blood Wars" trailer as David, Selene's strongest ally. Selene has been the central figure of the entire franchise thus far, but it appears that she will soon pass the baton to David, who is said to be the lead character in "Underworld: Blood Wars," Screen Rant reported.

Reports confirm that the vampire movie is not a reboot, but is a continuation of "Underworld: Awakening," which came out in 2012. Following the events of the film, Selene is once again having difficulty reuniting with his daughter. With the help of David, Selene tries to find her daughter.

Unlike past "Underworld" film which were set in urban locations, much of "Underworld: Blood Wars" take places far north where the Nordic vampire coven reside. "When we go into the north and into the snow, there is definitely a different colour palette," director Anna Foerster tells Inquirer. "Here people wear white and they wear furs and they have white skin."

"Underworld: Blood Wars" opens in theaters on Jan. 6, 2017.

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