Eating Habits Students Can Adopt To Increase Productivity


Man has an obsession with weight loss. Just take a look at all the different methods of dieting and there is one for everybody. It might work for some and a whole percent of the population are still looking for the next diet fad that will work for them. However, you don't need to stress yourself on such. After all, students need to focus more on their studies than their weight. Here is a list of healthy eating habits that will boost your health, help your weight loss, and increase your productivity.

Eat what you enjoy

Lisa Sasson, a nutrition professor at the New York University said that if you choose a diet which involves eating food you don't like, you will fail. She added that food is supposed to be a pleasurable experience and if you suddenly stop eating the food you enjoy, chances are you will not stick to that plan. Furthermore, studies show that choosing a diet plan you can stick with is very critical.

Pack with fiber and protein

Hunger pangs will stress you out and decrease your productivity. However, a pack of chips and a can of soda is a bad alternative. To avoid feeling hungry all the time, eat food that is packed with protein and fiber to keep your stomach satisfied and full. This prevents overeating and promotes weight loss.

Don't get your calories from liquids

A study on obese women between the ages of 25 and 50 showed that those who changed their sweetened beverage intake with water has showed significant weight loss. This do not include exercise and diet. In addition to that, too much glucose can decrease your productivity.

Have options

Having a flexibility with your diet makes you more mindful of what you eat. Just imagine eating the same food day in and day out.

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