Freelancing 101: How to Get Paid According To Your Worth


According to a survey conducted by Payooner, 54 percent of freelancers around the world are not happy with how much money they make. For one, they may be selling themselves short, or they might find it difficult to negotiate and get paid for what they are worth.

Your ability to negotiate can help you earn more money if you are working as a freelancer. Here are 5 negotiating techniques you can use to boost your income.

  • As a freelancer, start with discussing the value that you will offer instead of jumping right to the price. Talk about what you will have to offer to give them a reason later on why they are actually paying for a certain price. It will make your price seem like a bargain.
  • Talk about how your work is going to benefit your client and he can make more money, instead of talking about how much your services are worth. If you are able to make your client see the benefits, he won't mind paying a much higher price.
  • When you do your negotiation, you have to aim to make both parties happy, and you can do it by doing a quality work with a fair and reasonable price. In this way, you can make your client feel that the price he pays for is worth it and at the same time, you will get to keep your clients for a long term.
  • Although email is an easy way to make negotiations, it is better to talk to your client face-to-face. This will allow you to build rapport with your client and that should make it easy for you to go over your options until you both can reach an agreement.
  • Put the power in your hands by being the first one to mention about the price. Making the first offer will influence the counteroffer.

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