Special Education Teachers Share Heartfelt Secrets They Wish the World Knew


In The Mighty Community on Facebook, the special education teachers were asked this question, "What's one secret about your job you wish the rest of the world knew?". These teachers did not hold back sharing their most honest, sincere and heartfelt answers. Here are just some of those secrets they'd like you to know.

1. Being a special education teacher is the best job in the world because you can get to touch and be a part of the lives of other people, in a special way.

2. It is not a sad job because it allows you to establish bonds and relationships with students and their families that other educators may have not been able to experience over the years.

3. The welfare of these children is the number one priority of special education teachers.

4. The hardest part of the job is making the children believe in themselves and convince them that they are so much capable than what they thought.

5. The job isn't limited by just the classroom setting. It goes beyond that, even on holidays.

6. "We don't do it for the rest of the world. We do it for the quiet moments [when] amazing things happen. We do it for the smiles, the gains, the tears... We do it for the parents and families of the children we work with, we do it for the trust these children give to us and we don't ever breach that trust."

7. It is an amazing and an exciting job that makes you want to get up in the morning to see the smiles of your kids. There is nothing that is more fulfilling than this job.

8. It's the kind of job that makes you love your kids more than they are your students.

9. "My students teach me more than I will ever teach them."

10. This is the best job that any teacher could ask for.

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