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Nintendo Cautions Nintendo Switch Fans On Fake Beta Version


With everyone's excitement above the roof about the upcoming Nintendo Switch, it's not impossible that somewhere along the way someone will take advantage of this high interest for self-serving needs. Following the recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch release, news surfaced that its beta version is a scam.

According to Wired magazine, eager fans seeking more information about the console are being tricked into email that turns out to be a scam. Websites with addresses and surfaced targeting eager fans and preying on them. Those who click on the bait will receive an email goes:


Congratulation! You are eligible to join the Nintendo SwitchTM Beta Program! You are chosen, which means you can get into the Nintendo Switch Beta!

You will receive the Nintendo Switch Beta Hardware which includes 1 system, 1 Docking Station, 2 Switch Controller (Left and Right) HDMI cable, 1 power adaptor, as well as instruction booklet.

Below you will find a code to redeem. Please note: This code is specifically for your account, so do not share this with anyone."

Fans are warned of the fake website addresses because Nintendo has only confirmed that additional details will be unveiled during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 on January. Any additional information Nintendo did not officially release has nothing to do with the unveiling of Nintendo Switch.

With regard to the code the email described, it appears to be authentic and comes with 16 digit numbers, which happens to be the legitimate number for eShop for Nintendo Games. The only difference is that the eShop code contains alphanumeric characters so it can be easily distinguished.

Reports further discovered that the domain of the website addresses mentioned were listed under one Fernando Sanchez, a U.S. resident.  The websites were registered under on Oct. 23, according to Nintendo Insider.

Nintendo has also appealed to the younger gamers to be critical of possible scams. They do not easily distinguish a scam versus legit ones. Everyone is advised to take precautionary measures to avoid being scammed with just a single click.

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