'Dead Rising 4' Update: Game Will Not Feature Campaign Co-Op, Capcom Having Trouble With The Story?


Just in time for the Christmas holiday folks! "Dead Rising 4" is making some big changes, bringing more zombie killings and fights in the upcoming survival horror video game.

Unfortunately, there's some bad news for the players, Frank West' new adventure survival horror won't feature campaign co-op, which also means that Frank West is going solo in the new game.

In a special Twitch stream with the Expert Zone Community, Capcom revealed that the upcoming game will not include campaign co-op, marking a departure from the last few titles in the survival horror series that features the ability for players to play the game in a group.

According to Capcom, Dead Rising 4 is a single-player campaign and will be centered only on Frank West and his mission of destruction through the zombies of Colorado. The developer wants to keep that strong focus by not offering campaign co-op in the new game. Players of the new game will take the role of photojournalist Frank West, who just returned to Colorado during the Christmas season.

But instead of following the story mode featuring co-op, Dead Rising 4 will feature four-player co-op in a separate mode inspired by the "Infinity Mode" from the original game. Here, according to Capcom, players will work together to survive against zombie hordes and take on deadly missions. Unlike the earlier version of the game, the "Dead Rising 4" will no longer feature a timer system. 

Developed by Capcom and published by Microsoft Studios, Dead Rising 4 is an upcoming open world survival horror video game developed for PC and Xbox One gaming console. The game, which set in a Christmas-themed Colorado place, focuses on the return of its major character Frank West.

The "Dead Rising 4" was first announced at Microsoft's E3 Conference on June, with trailer and 12 minutes of adventure.

"Dead Rising 4" is scheduled to be released worldwide on December 6, 2016, with a PS4 version expected down the line.

In addition, game publisher Microsoft has made some important announcement that the game will be time-exclusive on Windows 10 for 90 days and a year on Xbox One gaming console.

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