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Verizon Still Largest U.S. Wireless Carrier, AT&T Not Far Behind


Strategy Analytics has released the earning results of the wireless carriers for the third quarter of this year and statistics showed Verizon remains at the top followed by AT&T, according to GSMArena.

With its 143,876,000 subscribers, Verizon still is the largest wireless telecommunication provider in the U.S. while AT&T bags the second spot with 133,338,000 subscribers to date.

Verizon made an effort to overcome the competitive pressures form T-Mobile which falls on the third spot. Verizon made a great deal on its data plan. So they made a new wireless plans due to the increasing demand in data.

The company went on offering a 2-24 GB of data that is nearly 17% increase from their old data plan. The data plans were offered at 2GB /4GB/ 8GB/ 16GB and a 24GB at a rate of $30, $35, and $60 to $70, Forbes reported.

Not only that, Verizon was able to come up with a scheme to compete with T-Mobile and AT&T's "rollover" data. In one out of the four data plans, a subscriber can get a free smaller data plan while other carriers charge.

 AT&T, on the other hand, is number one for average revenue per customer. With the impending merger of AT&T and Time Warner Cable, will AT&T finally become the largest in the country? The merger could possibly attract more subscribers.

Subscribers would love it if they don't have to pay extra bucks over excess data used. With AT&T and Time Warner Cable merge, subscribers won't have to pay data in watching HBO and wouldn't have to worry over data overages while watching "Game of Thrones", Yahoo Finance reported.

Now, despite the tight competition of the two largest carriers, there were reports that AT&T and Verizon is currently working together for a better quality phone call. AT&T is making efforts in making Verizon's VoLTE calls compatible with AT&T VoLTE-compatible smartphones, Business Insider reported.

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