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Alibaba: Jack Ma Not Funding "Mini Ma's" Education But Might Do Bigger


Alibaba, the tech company of billionaire, Jack Ma denies rumors that the founder offers "mini" Ma, his look-alike to pay for his education. Fan Xiaoqin is the eight-year-old boy from Jiangxi province who resembles the Chinese tycoon when he was a child.

Alibaba's spokesperson clarifies the false report after the boy who originally comes from Yongfeng County becomes an internet sensation in 2014 after his images are uploaded in social media as featured in Xinhua,  the state news agency of China,  verifies Fortune 

As the images went viral, Jack Ma happens to see one photo and he thought that it was him when he was younger. He confirms that it was just like looking at his own resemblance in the mirror. 

An online shopping event called, Singles Day held recently reminded Jack Ma on the alleged financial support promise to "mini Ma.  This is the result of the media confusion based on a wrong report. that the technology billionaire intends to give the boy an educational scholarship until he graduates from university.

Fan is living in poverty. The brother who is older never sets his foot in the school. Mother is polio victim, while his father only has one leg due to the previous accident. His grandmother who lives with them has dementia at 83.

Alibaba commented that Fan's situation features the massive poverty and lack of education in remote areas of China. They are taking the issue seriously and hopes that people will follow suit. It's not only "mini Ma" who suffers from such circumstance.

It is a reality that a big fraction of the society is in poverty while the children of migrant workers stay home instead of going to school. They are looking at the bigger picture but still need more resources. Ma's foundation already donated around $1.6 million for teachers' grants in compromised areas of China, according to CNN.

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