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‘Apple Book’ News & Details: Apple’s Legacy Written in a Slick Book Just Like Their Gadget Designs


To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Apple, the company decided to record their achievements, not in their slick device platforms but in the form of a Book. However, this is not just an ordinary book written to sell as it is a collector's edition that can only be achieved if you have been one of the brand's avid followers.

According to Wired, the Apple Book is a glossy hardbound entity, which costs $300, that primarily shows the company's tribute to the brand's father, Steve Jobs. In addition, their 20 years in business leading to their unprecedented industrial design legacy is all written in the book. Photographer Andrew Zuckerman took the reign in taking photos of the 450 page Apple Book.

So what can we expect from a $300 Apple Book? First off, the Apple Book is bound from a rather elegant white linen and its printing is no less ordinary. The description of its printing quality says it is specially milled, custom-dyed paper with gilded matte silver edges.

The Apple Book, which also features a $200 smaller version, is eight years in the making. Fans can expect a detailed, high quality graphics and information inside the all new Book. The Apple Book, which is also expected to feature interesting things about the tech giant company, also features the following products.

The colorful images of the MacBook line, the iPhone series and the Apple Watch are properly documented on the Apple Book. What's even more interesting is the compilation of how they are made for the market.

Written in the fine print of the book that Wired also featured says while it is generally considered as a design book, it will not feature the anything about the design team, but rather their aspirations written all over the outcome of the Apple products.

The Business Insider featured Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive, saying the Apple Book has very few words and it is also release as a collector's edition.


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