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Ride-Hailing Service ‘Lyft’ Gets a Brand New Personalized Ride Gadget; Bids Goodbye to GlowStache Permanently


It's part of Lyft's marketing strategy, so the Glowstache must leave. The ride-hailing service Lyft bid goodbye to its well known dashboard fixture and replaced it with a much more formal and personalized gadget that will significantly help writers get a better travel experience. An interactive cylinder called the Amp replaces the glowing mustache that used to occupy Lyft car dashboards.

Lyft co-founder John Zimmer in an interview with USA Today said, the company went through series of testing, taking into consideration the different shapes and models of the cylinder. When they finally found something very similar to the Glowstache, the added in-car experience that it gave, made the transition better.

Lyft competes against giant company Uber who currently secures a $15 billion funding against Lyft's $2 Billion funding. Nevertheless, that did not stop Lyft from finding new meaning to their service and bringing more features that will likely contribute to a positive feedback from its customers.

The new Lyft in-car signage called AMP delivers a functional welcome tool to riders who hail Lyft. The front side features five different glowing colors, highlighting the Lyft Logo. A passenger can immediately spot his or her driver based on the color of the Amp.

The backside on the other hand is the part where it's visible to the passenger when they hop in. It features a text greeting, welcoming the passenger e.g. "Hello John." Other features, according to Zimmer includes the interaction with the outside world such as an update on a big sports event and more. Also, the Amp is a tool that let's the passenger know they are riding the right and safe car by acknowledging their name upon riding.

The USA Today YouTube Channel has more of the Lyft Amp's feature details and update. Get to know more about Lyft's services by reading new updates here on the University Herald.

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