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The Spectacles: Snapchat’s Glasses Get Positive Reviews, Earn Praise From Critics


Popular multimedia and image messaing mobile app Snapchat has finally created the Spectacle, its first hardware product and is now available in the market with critics weighing in on the new gadget.

Tech writers have finally tried the new product and responded mostly positive, according to a Fox News report. 

TechCrunch tech writer Mariano Panzarino was impressed with the Snapchat glasses because of the feeling it brings to its wearer.

"Having your hands free to manipulate or hold or touch or help while you're taking a snap is so great. It also greatly increases the sense of 'place' that you get out of it," Panzarino said.

Raymond Wong of Mashable compared the Spectacles to Google Glass and expained how the former is differetn.

"Whereas Google Glass tried to cram a computer and the entire internet literally on your face and in front of your eyes, Spectacles just has a camera for recording moments," Wong said.

Bryan Bishop of The Verge spent a little time using Spectacles said that he's never gonna give up the glasses, while Jefferson Graham of USA Today Jefferson Graham praised the Spectacle for its design and fun.

"The glasses are stylish and a whole lot of fun. Snapchat has done a great job at making the operation drop-dead simple". Graham said and added that the Sepctacle is a must-have present for Christmas.

Despite the positive comments, the Spectacles has some bad sides to it. One is that the Bluetooth connection drops even at short range and the transfer is too slow. Also, the WiFi mode isn't automatically enabled.

The Spectacles is neither for photo nor video selfies and the glasses are only good for about 100 video snaps. As for the video quality, natural light will give you good result but shooting with indoor lighting don't expect the same quality.

The Spectacles, a fashion sunglass that is equipped with camera are being sold in a vending machine that show up in different locations at a price of $129.99 and is currently making noise across the country.

Snapchat was created by Stanford University students Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel who are also responsible for developing the Spectacles. 

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