How To Get Good Grades In College


As a student, grades are used to measure how much one has learned in a certain class. Getting good grades is one important factor in finding a job after college as well.

U.S. News described grades as "an objective indication of how you're doing." The publication shared 15 secrets on how to get good grades in college. It is taken from the "Professors' Guide to Getting Good Grades in College."

1. Take responsibility for your performance in college. Don't wait for teachers or your parents to remind you of what you need to do to be successful.

2. Choose the right courses. Select classes that you know you can do. Don't just accept the "standard freshman program" offered to you.

3. It is best to take only four or five courses each semester. Don't overload.

4. Make a study plan. This will help keep you on track of what you actually need to do.

5. Attend classes. Missing classes in college can make you miss a lot of content.

6. Take notes in class. Don't worry too much about the structure since you can always clean it up later.

7. No do-overs. Doing things twice, like recording lectures and listening to them again at home, take too much time and effort.

8. Study hard. Give the appropriate amount of time of studying for each class.

9. Practice for tests. Make a practice test and answer under test conditions, such as no notes and with limited time.

10. Know how to research. Find proper, scholarly materials for your academic papers.

11. Ask for help from your professor. Don't be afraid to talk to them and discuss how you can improve in class better.

12. Have a study buddy or study group. It's good to join a community of people who are serious about their education.

13. Excel in all aspects of college: from tests to assignments to research papers. Avoid asking for extensions as well.

14. Take advantage of "extra" things you can do in class. These can help improve your grades.

15. Remember tip number one and believe that you can do it. Good attitude plays a large part in getting good grades in college.

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