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Public Education System On The Verge Of Extinction With Donald Trump?


K-12 public school funding is from the state and federal budgets. Congress then intensified the " No Child Left Behind" law to ensure that education will be granted to those who can't afford them through public schools after sensing that development the area is scarce - with the law, the authority is back to the government.

If Donald Trump opts to spend the budget allocation to more "choice" schools like voucher programs, the government budget will be allocated for that. The only way to support public school systems is to privatize them. This is putting a halt into what the former president George W. Bush started and continued by then President Obama. Some public school operators are now worried, says CNS News.

Trump indicates to allocate $20 billion in federal funding to private and charter schools for low-income families. He is basically inspiring them to make use of school choice. Obama and many democrats opposed vouchers but agreed with charters. The Republicans are into both vouchers and charters.

Charter schools obviously drained public school systems that come in conflict with them location wise. Profit charters are also troubled because of lack of supervision from the higher ups. Students from failing schools are assisted by charters. Supporters ,however, believe that public school students should have the chance in enrolling in a charter.

The tendency of  Trump's administration is to select an education secretary pro-privatization candidates. vVters in many states expressed that accountability is more important for school choice, whether charter or voucher and not adding more of those schools, according to Washington Post.

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