More Private Colleges Welcome Online Education


According to a survey of chief academic officers conducted by the Council of Independent Colleges and the Learning House, more and more private colleges are now open and accepting of online education.

The number of private colleges that offer online education has now increased from 15 percent to 25 percent, and this climb was based on a survey conducted 2013. While there are still colleges who remain doubtful about online education, many colleges have already adapted to this. Learn what the private institutions will have to say about the implication of online education in their schools. Here are the findings revealed by the survey.

  •  The number of colleges that offer online programs has increased and the number of schools that reported having no online programs was reduced from 12 to 8 percent.
  •  A quarter of the colleges reported that their revenue had climbed from their online programs and was able to reach more than $1 million. Only 5 percent of schools reported a decline when it comes to revenue since 2013.
  •  More colleges now acknowledge that the lack of acceptance of online instructions and program by the institution is the most significant obstacle to success, compared to the 2013 survey when some schools reported that the lack of student discipline is what's causing the hindrance to success.
  •  Online learning gives specific and measurable results for colleges and institutions because it promotes increased enrolment rate, increased student access and therefore an increase in the revenue. Among the respondents to the survey, 66 percent and 64 percent have responded with these results mentioned, as they have increased with it comes to revenue since 2013.
  •  Private colleges have now turned their focus on opening their online education for international enrollees and into developing educational courses based on the student's competencies.

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