10-year-old Math Prodigy Enrols in Special Program at Zurich University


Maximilan Janisch is the youngest student ever to attend a special course in Maths at the prestigious Zurich University. The 10-year-old prodigy previously passed a Swiss final high school math exam with good grades, which he sat for fun.

President Michael Hengartner told that this is the first time the campus community is welcoming a student who is this young and gifted. He is enrolled in the Junior Euler Society program, designed for talented high school students.

"He's a very intelligent child," Hengartner told The News. ".........understands a lot of concepts for his age."

The exceptional kid, however, cannot currently enrol at the university as he still has to secure a high school diploma.

According to The News, Janisch has already skipped three grades in primary school.

Janisch parents are German. His father is a retired maths professor and mother, an economist. His father spends all his time teaching maths to the kid. According to his father, Janisch has already memorized several complex numbers.

"For me this is normal. I do maths that matches my level. Janisch told a Swiss television channel. "I am not genius, I am just talented." France TV Info reports.

Janisch said that the reason he took the course at the university was to motivate himself and to increase his proficiency in maths. He also said that there is nothing left in both his high school and primary school that motivates him.

Meanwhile, he continues to strictly follow his maths lessons taught by his father every day.

Janisch said that he was 'not a specialist at making friends' since he has much older classmates.

"I can't find anyone with whom I can discuss Archimedes (a mathematician in ancient Greece), and most people don't even know who (renowned 19th-century German mathematician Carl Friederich) Gauss is,"Janisch told The News.

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