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PS4 Pro Not Working On Your TV? Here Are 8 Things to You Can Do


Playstation 4 Pro, the newest video gaming console, is finally out, but some players are complaining they can't play the device on their TV screens.

Some players complain about not getting any picture from their PS4 Pro while others say they can't get the 4K and HDR output of the console. Many have also reported that they can't connect their PS4 Pro through their TVs AV receiver even if it supports HDMI and compatible with the HDCP 2.2. 

For those experiencing this issue, here are tips you can do to make your PS4 Pro work on your TVs:

In a recent report by Forbes, there are eight things needed to be done (but before jumping to the eight steps, check first the specifications and compatibility of the television and Playstation 4 Pro. If everything fits and still not working, then proceed to the troubleshooting steps provided):

1. Make sure to use the correct HDMI port. Check the television manual if the 4K HDR is supported on all HDMI's.

2. Make sure that the HDMI port is on HDR mode because most HDR TV's, HDMI input doesn't automatically set to receive HDR signals. In some cases, some televisions have a different name for the HDR mode on the HDMI.

3. Update all the Firmware. Perhaps, the update didn't appear for a long time that's why the Firmware wasn't updated.

4. Try also to connect the console directly to the television as there might be a problem with the AV receiver.

5. Try checking the HDMI cable or HDMI splitter as it may not be able to carry enough data for the 4K HDR experience.

6. Consider running the PS4 Pro in safe mode and then adjust the HDCP setting to 1.4 although it is recommended to be on 2.2. Note that this is a temporary solution until Sony can provide the fix.

7. Check also the title of the game being played. Is the game 4K compatible or is it played in HDR mode? Note that there are some games that do not include HDR in their titles.

8. Try to change the RGB range. There were reported problems with PS4 Pro television connectivity concerning the RGB range. So it might be possible that changing the range could be of great help.

iDigitalTimes added that apart from the possibility of PS4 Pro firmware bug launch, it is also important to do a research on how the TV works.

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