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‘The Simpsons’: Premonition Of A Donald Trump Presidency 16 Years Early; 'Warning To America' Went Unheeded? [VIDEO]


"The Simpsons" in a "Bart to the Future" episode aired in March 2000 featured Donald Trump as president, succeeded by Liza Simpson who inherited her predecessor's huge debts. The writer of the show considers the episode as a "warning to America" that obviously went unheeded.

The episode "Bart to the Future" is about Bart having a vision of his future. He winds up a loser, which is not surprising because Bart is not academically inclined as Liza, his genius sister. In the vision, Liza became the first "straight" female to become the president of the United States, but her administration is beset by financial woes inherited from predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

"The Simpsons" writer Dan Greaney spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, saying that he wanted to put Liza in a situation where she will be facing a lot of problems. A Donald Trump presidency preceding hers is the "logical step before hitting bottom." 

Greaney is no longer writing, but still stays as a consulting producer in the show. Fox renewed the show's contract for another two seasons, which will be the 28th and the 29th. The creators of the show hope that the show will reach its 30th mark, surpassing Gunsmoke as the longest running show to air on TV as reported by GameSpot.

"The Simpsons" often parodies celebrities, politicians and pop culture figures, not sparing the Democrats too like the Clintons. What the show does best is to offer viewers a glimpse of the over-the-top aspect of the American pop culture.

The creator of the show has just recently took to Twitter to update its 2000 prediction with a video clip that shows Bart writing on the blackboard the words "being right sucks." Fans are hoping that a bleak future for Bart may not happen as predicted.

As to the premonition on Donald Trump's win and what is in store for America, only time will ascertain if indeed Liza's predicament will be inherited by Trump's successor. "The Simpsons" airs on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox Network.

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