Montgomery County High School Students Hold Protest Against Donald Trump

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

They are not of age to vote yet but they can feel the pain of the Donald Trump takeover, thereby, hundreds of students from  Maryland high school went out of the streets protesting against Donald Trump's presidency and it is contagious. 

The protests are not isolated cases in Montgomery County.Woodrow Wilson High School students are also united in bringing their sentiments towards the nearby streets of their Northwest school with considerations to protest at the new Trump International Hotel which is just a few blocks away from the from the White House, according to Washington Post.

Whereas students at Montgomery Blair High School resorted to using their  football field about in the morning that switched into a march along University Boulevard. The procession became bigger as it drew students from Northwood and Albert Einstein high schools joining in as they proceed  to Wheaton and unto the downtown Silver Spring.

Berkeley High School students also joined forces with California schools which are in protest a week earlier. They just walked to the University of California at Berkeley as members of one group. More or less 300 students joined the anti-Trump protest.

Jeanne Theoharis, a professor of political science at Brooklyn College is certain that the student protests will be historical. High school students are vital in launching civil rights campaign in the Birmingham area since 1963. The Prince Edward County, Va. is a witness of these initiatives undertaken by the young students of Montgomery county.

Kimberly Martin, Wilson's principal, on the other hand, clarified that the protest involving their school was not sanctioned school event. They will have unexcused absence when they miss classes when they prioritize attending the protests instead of their scheduled class.

The administrators are respecting the right of students to protest - and warned only that they too would do the same if he Trump administration would resort to unfair policies that people do not want. They are not begging for a new president at all, they just want to be heard, said NBC4 Washington.

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