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Bernie Sanders Backs Anti-Donal Trump Protests As He Questions Electoral College


Hillary Clinton's rival for the Democrat's presidential  nominee Sen. Bernie Sanders is not stunned with Donald Trump's victory. He even warned him to put his act together and not be divisive on changing policies, or else he can expect more protests in the streets of America and throughout colleges and universities. Thereby, rethinking the issues is crucial.

Sanders don't know for sure if he can win against Trump if given the chance. He observed that Americans are unsatisfied on why the economy is not working for them. He hailed the 87 different proposals Clinton lined up to improve the economy - but due to her connection to the past administration, most are lured into Trump's despite not having a concrete plan at all, according to USA Today.

He stressed that the defeat of the Democrat is irrelevant because they still have a big job to do - and that is to oppose a Donald Trump presidency if he happened to be inclined into bringing back America to sexism and racism. They have gone a long way fighting against that and they would do everything to stop Trump if he continues bullying like during the election campaign. Many protests took place against Trump's victory in different parts of the U.S. Most are peaceful but many arrests are made.

Sen. Sanders is expected to be encouraging people to block efforts when foreign immigrants are deported illegally. Racial discrimination is another issue that they would protect against the Trump administration if ever. He acknowledges the reason why Trump won. The Democratic government has been making the rich sector like pharmaceutical companies and the likes in promoting business opportunities for them - setting aside the needs of normal American families.

The Democratic party will never allow bigotry to flourish in the country. Minimum wage raise, pay equity for women, affordable health care for all, tuition-free colleges and universities are what people want.The would definitely bring a big crowd to protest should Trump neglects these needs over what he is popularly known for that jeopardize the welfare of the people. This should give the president-elect a hint that he can't just do whatever he wants.

Bernie Sanders has urged America to fight for their right and do everything they can not - to not allow Donald Trump to abuse his authority. They may have voted for him despite disliking his character and unfair view but consenting to the deeds of a misled president is something else, says The Guardian.

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