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'FX Legion' And X-Men TV Series: Expanding X-Men Universe; Which Marvel Comics Characters Would Fans Expect? [VIDEO]


The X-Men Universe will potentially expand with the franchise getting its own spin-offs in future X-Men TV series and new storylines in "FX Legion," which Fox announced to be in the works. Marvel comics have extensive source materials on hand, but finding the right Marvel characters to introduce is crucial to its success.

There are many Marvel comics character that fans would love to see on TV. "FX Legion" will be about a family on the run from the authorities after the parents discovered that their children have mutant powers according to The Verge.

This story line has great potential to introduce new characters as the family gets immersed with the mutant community. There are no definite plot lines yet and no actors have been officially announced. Nonetheless, fans are already anticipating an X-Men TV series, which is a first for the franchise.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters can be the starting point of the X-Men TV series. The show can easily get away making up excuses for the absence of the X-Men, but a cameo from Patrick Stewart or James MacAvoy will potentially boost TV ratings.

Gateway can take on the Professor's role for he too has telepathic abilities. In fact, he is in constant communication with a mysterious mutant called Psylocke in the Marvel comics.

Nova may also be a teacher of Astrology or Alien Science. Nova is a galactic soldier and for a time, a secret Avenger, but his ties with Cable and the X-Force will easily establish his presence as a future X-Men.

Another possible candidate for the X-Men TV series is the vampire-like mutant, Jubilee (Lana Condor), who is supposed to be introduced in the "X-Men: Apocalypse" but whose scenes did not make it to the final cut. There is also Namor whose special abilities include flying and breathing under water. Namor will make an interesting pair to a reformed Sabretooth just like Cyclops did with Wolverine according to the Inquisitr.

The list of possible Marvel comics character to debut in the X-Men TV series is lengthy. However, the real test of the TV show is not just to introduce new characters on TV, but ultimately to bring them to the big screen.

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