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Oct 12, 2013 10:38 AM EDT

Pedialyte Hangover Cure: Does It Really Work Better Than Sprite? 16 Percent Sales Boosts Says it Does


In the search for a foolproof and proven cure for the hangover, a new highly unlikely candidate has emerged, but many experts are skeptical.

Chicago Grid reported that a pocket of Chicago graduate and undergraduate students swear by drinking Pedialyte the morning after a night of drinking to cure a hangover.

It was previously reported that Chinese researchers had tested several beverages and hangover cures and found Sprite to the best option. But its most hardcore believers say the liquid meant for infants suffering from dehydration, vomiting or diarrhea is the best morning-after remedy.

Everyone may have a different home-remedy or strategy, but Pedialyte may cater best to those who like to drink a Gatorade when they wake up with headache and body stiffness. The liquid is jam-packed with electrolytes and other nutrients, but does not contain the sugary additives of Gatorade.

Foxtrot, an app that allows Chicago residents to order convenience store goods for delivery, is likely close to adding Pedialyte to its menu due to several requests.

"They were almost 'demands' more than requests," the company said.

Analysts in charge of monitoring the company in charge of making Pedialyte have said sales have remained static for years. However, sales increased 16 percent in August from the same time one year prior.

Abbott Laboratories, which makes Pedialyte, declined to comment given the unintended use of the product.

Stanley Goldfarb, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine, told Slate he is not convinced with Pedialyte's, or any home remedy's effectiveness. He said nothing could beat simply letting the alcohol leave your system.

"There's nothing you can do to remove the alcohol byproducts," he said. "They have to be metabolized by your liver, which takes time. There's no evidence that anything is better than waiting."

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