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Season and Weather Affect 'Pokemon Go', Says Niantic Exec


"Pokemon Go" could be affected by changes in the weather or season cycles according to game developer Niantic and said they will monitor these possibilities beginning next year.

Niantic's Mike Quigley, chief marketing officer, has recently talked about how real-life seasons and weather changes could have effects on "Pokemon Go." He said that the dynamics of nature and the environment are issues they would factor in to ensure that players of the game get the most enjoyment out of it.

Countries and regions differ in terms of seasons. When it's winter season in Germany, U.S. and the U.K., countries on the other side of the world such as Australia and Brazil are in the summer season.

"Pokemon Go" game could be affected by seasonal changes, especially during the cold season. Niantic is working on figuring out ways on how they can maintain customer engagement despite the cold weather. To address this, Niantic plans to double-up its teams to deal with similar, future issues, according to a Nintendo Everything report.

They company expects around 140-150 team members by the middle of next year, from the current 70-member team that they have. Quigley said that this expansion should be done practically, in the most careful and responsible sense possible so that they will not incur unnecessary expenses, according to Games Industry.

Niantic CEO, John Hanke has invested in this as his fourth start-up already. That is why he is carefully considering every investment that they would like to bank upon. They are meticulously considering where their funds, resources and staff would be go. "Pokemon Go," however, has become a phenomenon that they have never expected and they need more patience to improve more on the game.

The Pokemon Company and "Pokemon Go" is working harmoniously with Niantic, thus they are anticipating a more positive outcomes in the future. The fad that "Pokemon Go" has created during summer, its fans, and their future plans of launching more innovsation, made them realize that "Pokemon Go" is worth of any future investments. Quigley went on to further say that they are more focused on a great game, instead of focusing on how mobile free-to-play games will lapse out.


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