Tips and Tricks to Quickly Learn a New Language


Kids are said to be faster language learners compared to adults. There are many ways and products used to facilitate language learning to a child. But this does not mean that adults do not have the ability to learn a new language as fast as a kid can.

Luca Lampariello, an expert language learner who's dedicated much of his adult life to language studying and coaching, shares 5 key principles to easily learn vocabulary in any foreign language quickly and effectively.

1. Selection

When you are starting out with a new language, there can be thousands of words that may seem irrelevant to you and it is important for you to select the words that interest and appeal to you the most. Opt for the ones that you think are most useful in a language and then expand from there. Majority of the words that are used are learned through exposure so just focus on the vocabulary that you think you need and the words that you can relate to everyday. If you have selected the words that you find interesting, it will be hard for you to forget them.

2. Association

Another useful principle is association, and this refers to the process by which you connect incoming information to an old or existing information. Your brain has the ability to associate a piece of information to memories, emotions, experiences and facts.

3. Review

As humans, it is just natural to be forgetful as our memory deteriorates over time, and in order to combat this, you have to consistently review old information as you learn and welcome new ones.

4. Storage

In order to make it easier for you to recall something that you just learned, it is important that you store the information by writing it down on a notebook or saving it in your phone.

5. Use

The most effective and fastest way to learn a new language is to practice using it, and practice what you learn by engaging in meaningful and helpful conversations.

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