Because Becoming a Millionaire in your 20’s Isn’t Impossible, Here’s How You Can Make it Happen


Imagine if you could become a millionaire. And imagine if you could make it happen in your 20's.

In an interview with Mike Dillard who became a millionaire in his late 20's, he shares how he made his first million dollars. If you'd like to know how he did his dramatic shift, read on.

Master a specific skill set instead of becoming a "jack of all trades"

This was what Dillard realized as soon as he finished college. He decided to be a skilled copywriter and invested more than $5000 in books as well as courses and spent over 18 months to study profusely until he became an expert in this field.

Spend for your education or online courses or help from consultants

"You can pay now for education that will help you achieve your goal, or you can pay the stupid tax later," says Dillard. "Either way, you will pay."

Be "self-made"and understand its true definition

You should be able to recognize that despite the fact that yes you need the help of others to reach your goals, being self made means that you are the one who takes control of your life and you are the one who can give your 100% commitment to whatever it is that you want to achieve.

"Pain and frustration are the best motivators

Given the level of commitment needed to succeed, there must be something that will make you never give up. I hated working for other people. The pain and frustration it gave me motivated me to become self-made. " Dillard shared.

Being self made? Not meant for everyone

You have to be honest with yourself and recognize if becoming self made is for you and if you have the discipline to achieve bigger goals.

Don't imitate other people who are already successful

Achieve you goals based on your strengths, based on who you are.

Stay focused

Set your goals and be consistent with your activities that will help you get there. Having achievement as your focal point can catapult you to the right direction.

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