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University of Wisconsin Bans Nooses and Ropes From Events Following Disturbing Incident


Following an incident that involved a fan wearing an offensive costume in one of the events it hosts in the university football stadium, the University of Wisconsin has revised its standards to include the prohibition or nooses and ropes from being brought to any of its athletic events.

The University of Wisconsin announced that all nooses and ropes will be treated as weapons that "constitute a threat to safety," CBS News reported. In addition to the banned items, several behaviors such as violence, issuing threats, abusive actions, as well as disorderly conduct will also be prohibited.

This announced followed an incident that displayed disturbing behavior. A fan came to the Badgers' Oct. 29 game against Nebraska wearing a mask that looked like President Obama, with a noose around his neck. The man was asked to take the noose off earlier, but was later seen wearing it again. A person even posted a photo of the man on Twitter.

For those that didn't know, a noose is a piece of rope with a running knot that enables users to tighten or loosen it. It is usually used to hang people.

The behavior caused disturbance to some people, and caught the attention of many including UW Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez.

"What happened at Camp Randall two weeks ago goes against everything we stand for," Alvarez said in a press release.

The revisions, which were made after meetings between the university's athletic staff and community leaders, will start taking effect this weekend.

"I am very pleased that we all were able to work together to improve our policies," Alvarez said. "I greatly appreciate the collaborative spirit of our meetings with leaders in our community. It is great to be able to talk, and even more satisfying that we took action."

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