How To Talk To Children Diplomatically About The Election Aftermath


Teenagers are very aware of the election outcome. They have divided opinions like adults do. All it take really is acceptance and hoping that someday, everything will fall into place. However, younger children needed to be guided.

Create awareness to children that being cynical and sarcastic can only hurt other people when used to express fear and anxiety. The man who won might have a different reputation than other presidents in the past but it does not mean he controls everything in the government , as featured in Forbes

We have the federal system that prevents abuses by the top person in the country. He might have won based on interstate collections of votes but there are many voters around who voted for his rival individually. 

This should address confusion why people wanted a president who is deemed so negatively. Like what President Barack Obama said; citizens may not agree unanimously about a certain issue, just like families do. Understanding and negotiating a common ground is essential in going forward as a nation. 

The moment gives an opportunity for parents to make children understand that we are not governed by a single person but by an effective system that stands the test of time. This will take care of the young ones' fears that America will deteriorate under an unlikely ruler, as some people predict.

Pro-Hillary Clinton parents can also explain that not all capable people can get the job as president. Her chance to make history as the first ever woman American president might be a failure during the recent election but in the years to come, another great woman will surely give the presidency a shot. 

This is basically the essence of Clinton's concession speech.  A very inspiring message to all the girls around the world. Urging people to achieve own dreams is a noble act. Hillary Clinton inspires people not only during times when circumstances favored her but also during her down period, as per CNN.

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