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Ben Carson Rumored To Be The Next Secretary Of Education in Donald Trump's Cabinet, Resistance Abounds


Ben Carson, who is noted for his religious beliefs contrary to science might be the next Secretary of Education. He is on the prospective list for President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet the transition team has organized. 

Carson is the former director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins hospital from 1984 to 2013. He deliberately ran for the GOP presidential nomination this year. His determined to impose censorship on liberal speech within college campuses should he be elected president. He is labeled for Secretary of Education. as reported by CNN Politics

Many questions Carson's qualification for the position. He tends to favor superstitious anecdotes than scientific findings. He is noted to reject evolution and climate change theories, despite thorough evidence in the field of science. 

Carson also argues that the pyramids were built by Joseph from the bible for grain storage. He's anti-abortion and likens it to slavery. He described  rape victims who resort to terminating their pregnancy "perverted". For him, abortion must be outlawed, including rape or incest cases, said Patheos.

His Noah comment was also condemned - that if he could build an Ark, he could also be president, casting doubts on his ability to be Secretary of Education. Critics are certain that he would exploit his post to be in line with his conservative Christian superstitions. 

Should Donald Trump pick him for the job is considered by detractors as a joke. Creation of education policies should not be thrown into his hands, many people believe. He has pushed Christian homeschooling in lieu of public education and he campaigns for the validity of school vouchers as well as charter schools.

The fear that Carson would ultimately damage public schools to promote educational privatization has now become real. He's into monitoring universities to avoid political bias and would rather have taxes go to fund religious schools. Children's exposure to fine arts can be certain though with Carson behind the Department of Education, according to New Republic.

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