Yeshiva University Hires Lecturer Convicted Of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior with Boys


It seems Yeshiva University hasn't still learnt its lesson!

The university, which hasn't yet come out of a $380 million molestation lawsuit has hired a convicted sex molester, Akiva Roth, as its new faculty member.

The university is facing heavy criticisms for recruiting Roth, 42, to teach at the school's Yeshiva College unit in Washington Heights, despite pleading guilty in 1997 to four counts of lewdness against several male students, aged 11 and 12.

Roth engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour with the boys while working as a private bar mitzvah tutor at a Jewish day school in West Orange, N.J. According to court records, he exposed and touched himself during classes and encouraged the boys to do the same.

He was eventually sentenced to 10 years' probation.

While awarding the sentence, Barnett E. Hoffman, a superior court judge in New Jersey, stated that a sex offender therapist had concluded that Roth was 'in the lowest category for risk of re-offense.' But Hoffman said that Roth displayed a 'lack of appreciation for the wrongfulness of his conduct.'

"The defendant is very arrogant and continues to blame the victims for the trouble he is in," Hoffman said. "Furthermore, he does not even see his conduct as sexual in nature, which it clearly is," according to New York Post.

During a court hearing, when Roth blamed the boys for 'enticing him into this behavior,' Hoffman said that Roth "has very little empathy for his victims and an unawareness of the harm done to them by his actions."

"Furthermore, he does not even see his conduct as sexual in nature, which it clearly is. In short, he doesn't get it," Hoffman said.

Critics are questioning the university's timing in hiring a convicted sex offender at a time when the school is attempting to regain the lost support and public image following sex abuse allegations.

"Yeshiva University has policies and procedures in place that require background checks for new hires. We are currently in the process of thoroughly exploring the matter you brought to our attention," a University spokesman said, reports Haaretz

 "...maintains an unwavering commitment to preventing sexual misconduct or harassment of any kind," reports the Post

The molestation lawsuit by former students of Yeshiva University's High School for Boys accused the school for covering up decades of sexual abuse. According to Haaretz, an investigation into the allegations has revealed that 'sexual and physical abuse took place' at several university institutions during the 1970s, '80s and '90s.

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