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Students Should Learn First Aid, as British Red Cross Says Some Deaths Are ‘Preventable’


University students are advised to learn first aid, as many of the deaths that currently occur can be prevented by simple measures.

Studying at a university far from home simply means that one will be living away from family. This means that the student will have to learn various skills and become more responsible in terms of facing certain responsibilities. One of these skills that needs to be learned is first aid, says the Independent.

The Independent reports that according to research, about 70 percent of university students admit to lacking the necessary skills important to saving a life, and thus there's an urgent need for students to receive such training.

First aid skills, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are very crucial in certain cases. Sadly, as many lack the confidence to perform such acts, many preventable deaths are not prevented, says the British Red Cross.

A study commissioned by the Red Cross and conducted by researchers from the University of Manchester in UK, found that more than half (or 59%) of all deaths that occur before the patient arrives at the hospital can be prevented if someone who knew first aid measures actually took action.

The study also found that while 93% of people quickly call for an ambulance when they find someone injured, the number of those who apply first aid aren't as much.

"The good news is that most people are calling 999," Joe Mulligan, head of first aid education at the British Red Cross, said. "However, after calling 999, we want people to then do something in those crucial minutes before the ambulance arrives."

"Every person needs to recognise that in an emergency, you are part of the 'chain of survival,'" he added.

As such, the British Red Cross says that these two basic skills are crucial and that the general public should know them:

- If the person is unresponsive but breathing, place them on their side with their head tilted back so that they can continue to breath.

- If the person is bleeding heavily, apply pressure on the wound/s to stop bleeding and prevent possible death by bleeding.

Calling for help should be done along with these first aid measures. Students are advised to call 999 and ask for help in emergencies whenever possible.

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