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Ringly’s Aries Holiday 2016 Collection: Fitness Tracker, Fashion Accessories; Contactless Payments In Future Collections? [VIDEO]


Ringly is a maker of smart bracelets and rings, successfully integrating technology with fashion aesthetics. The fashion company has unveiled its latest Aries Holiday 2016 collection with its newest feature, the fitness tracker.

The fitness tracker is able to count the number of steps the wearer makes, how far the distance travelled, and the number of calories burned in the process. The jewelry will also alert the wearer if the target goals are met in terms of steps and calories burned.

Ringly founder and CEO Christina Mercando D'Avignon spoke to Wareable and revealed that the fitness tracking option is a frequent request from their customers. Mercando D'Avignon takes pride in their after-sales customer service, knowing that many of its patrons for new collection are repeat customers. In fact, 25 percent of purchases for the Rhodium Stone Collection were all repeat customers who want to wear other designs.

When it comes to style and designs, Ringly is a fashion leader. The distinct internet-connection feature of Ringly did not hinder the company from ensuring that its products still rank high in aesthetic value with technology playing a mere second.

The newest Ringly collection, the Aries Holiday 2016 line, now offers a more streamlined companion app that allows users to customize alerts and notifications according to Digital Trends. This seamless experience is what makes Ringly so in-demand.

Wearers can choose notifications via the bracelet or ring with four different vibration patterns, five different colors, and the ability to sync with more than a hundred apps, namely, messaging, calls, calendars, Slack, Uber, WhatsApp and countless more. Moreover, the battery life is extended from two to three days on full charge.

For future collections, Mercando D'Avignon revealed that contactless payments will now be possible through its partner, MasterCard. The added options of Apple Pay or Android Pay make the seamless experience complete especially for busy women and mothers.

The Ringly has a retail price of $275 while the ring is at $195. Pre-orders are now available and the first 1,000 customer will receive a real diamond on the side including a membership to Ringly's Diamond Club.

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