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‘The Flash’ Lost Two Directors, Ezra Miller Still Optimistic


For the second time, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's "The Flash" just lost its director. Rick Famuyiwa who replaced Seth Grahame-Smith has left the project back in June due to "creative differences," the same reason his predecessor left the production.

In a report by Mashable, Famuyiwa explained his sudden departure from the project and pointed out that he got excited when Warner Bros and DC approached him. It's an opportunity for him to be part of the world of the characters that loved growing up.

Famuyiwa also revealed that he wanted to make the movie edgier than what Warner Bros and DC have prepared. However, they couldn't come together creatively. He had his visions and though he has his own version of the film, he still used Grahame-Smith's script as the basis.

Knowing that Famuyiwa was approached by Warner Bros and DC and perhaps along the way Famuyiwa has shared his visions, what could've gone wrong? Now that the movie is due in theaters in 2018, they have to work fast in finding the perfect director for the film before they get forced to delay the movie.

Ezra Miller has his own fair share of thoughts when it comes to choosing the next director. According to Cinemablend, Miller said that the most important quality of the replacement director should have an open heart. He thinks that the movie "The Flash" should be a heartfelt story.

Although there had been a mess up in the production recently, one thing is for sure, Ezra Miller is going to stay. Miller remains optimistic despite the fact that the movie is slated to open on Mar. 16, 2018 and believes that they can start pretty well soon maybe before the year end.

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