Fight the Time Wasters that Kill your Productivity


Do you have plenty of time everyday to get everything done? Or do you also feel that no matter what you do, your time seems never enough to finish all of your tasks and end up squeezing in another hour or two out of every day? If sometimes you feel unproductive like you haven't accomplished anything, it's about time to know how you can efficiently manage your time and fight these things that kill your productivity.

Social Media. Social Media can make you unproductive at work, although it is very useful when it comes to communicating and connecting with friends, work is just not the right time to do it. You look at your mobile phone or in your computer and the minute you thought you were spending to look at your social media has already extended to an hour, and that is such a time waster.


There are meetings that you need to say no to. Because admit it or not, not all of the meetings you have attended are really useful. If you think about it, how many of them were really important? If you think that there are far more important and urgent tasks that need to be finished, focus on them.


f you have hundreds of emails coming in in a day, it is really easy for you to get lost in it especially when it keeps on popping up on your screen. If you check every pop up, you can really get nothing done. Checking your emails should be scheduled at a specific time unless you are expecting for an important email that needs an urgent response.


If all along you think that multitasking can make you work faster, then you're wrong. You are actually not accomplishing more because the more you try to do more things at once, the less work are getting completed. Work on one task at a time and finish it before moving on to the next.

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