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Radio And TV Host Glenn Beck Under Fire After Suggesting To Shut Down the Dept. of Education On Prime Time


Radio and television program host Glenn Beck, airs throughout the United States on prime time networks originally in HLN the Fox News Channel. He was also suspended from the radio show after he launched an advocacy to destroy Donald Trump's presidential bid.

On top of that, Glenn Beck was recently furious about a teacher who told her students to only believe what they say and for referring to the pilgrims as terrorists. He was interviewing the mother of a kindergarten class of that particular teacher. That prompted Beck to reply that the education system must be totally shut down to allow a good reboot, as per news from Trending Education.

The Department of Education has been the subject of many political attacks but the government also did not run out of champions. Take the case of former President Jimmy Carter, who was in charge of the country from 1977 to 1981. He took education as the major priority investment in his administration. It has an annual expense of more than $120 billion, wrote, The Chronicle of Higher Education.  

He believes that economic,and technological advancement depends on the success of educational efforts. Therefore, he signed the education bill to give power to the States to implement what's best in their area, to allow the federal government to take responsibility and be accountable for its development and more, contrary to the reboot strategy suggested by Beck.

Glenn Beck, however, is in a different tone when Donald Trump won. He agrees with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's call to give Trump a chance. Do not move to Canada and talk to the other side he said, citing that the sexism, bigotry, and racism attached to the new president's name make him nothing like Hitler and he must not be feared, says New York Times. Is he really serious when he says that the education system must be shut down? 

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