Tesla's Supercharging Program Update May Lose Customers


Tesla Motors has announced an update on their Supercharging program. However, this move may actually lose them potential buyers.

In the company's official blog, Tesla noted how they introduced the Supercharger Network four years ago. This network is the world's fastest charging station, which was expected to enable convenient long distance travel.

Currently, over 4,600 Superchargers allow more than 16,000 Tesla owners for long drives across the nation as well as across all population centers in China and Japan. The company will be changing the structure of the economics of Supercharging, though, in order to "reinvest in the network, accelerate its growth and bring all owners, current and future, the best Supercharging experience."

The company revealed that 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits, equivalent to about 1,000 miles of driving, will be included annually for Teslas ordered after Jan. 1, 2017. After owners surpass that limit, there will be a "small fee to Supercharge," according to Tesla.

The fee will be charged incrementally. The company assured customers that it will cost less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car. "All cars will continue to come standard with the onboard hardware required for Supercharging," the company added.

More details on the program will be released later this year. It was also noted that prices may fluctuate and vary for different regions.

There is a risk that Tesla may lose potential customers, though. According to Inc., the company will be killing off one of its biggest customer incentives.

The publication noted that Supercharging was "a wonderful perk" for owners of Tesla cars. The company has also struggled with current owners of Tesla Model X SUVs and Model S sedans who use the Supercharger network to power up their cars rather than charging them at home.

It was previously reported that Tesla has announced its first profitable quarter in three years. The company was able to gain $2.3 billion in revenue, surpassing expectations by over $300 million.

Tesla also confirmed that it earned 71 cents a share on an adjusted basis in the third quarter on revenue of $2.3 billion. A loss of 54 cents per share on $1.98 billion in revenues was previously expected.

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