Must-Have Apps for Effective Job Hunting


If you are looking for a job, there's an app for that. Job searching today is a whole lot different story than it was before. Tech savvy job seekers have maximized the use of their smart phones and mobile devices in order to give themselves the edge in the job hunting process.

There are mobile apps designed to allow job seekers to search for positions, no matter the time and place, and be able to send responses to these posts as quickly as possible. In this article, you can explore the job hunting apps you should know about.

Indeed. Indeed is an app that allows you to view all the job listings collected from all the search engines in just a single search. It allows you to have a free access to a vast job openings from thousands of company sites and boards.

LinkUp. Linkup helps you find the jobs that are not publicly posted because these job posts are only found on the specific websites of the companies or the employers, which means that fewer people can find these job listings.

Jobcompass. Jobcompass allows iPhone users to search for jobs that are available within their area or the ones that are nearest them.

Switch. Switch is an app that works just like Tinder. It helps you get matched with the jobs that you like and be able to connect instantly and chat with hiring managers. You can swipe on the jobs that you find interesting and wait for you to get matched.

Snagajob. Snagajob is ideal for people who are looking for part time jobs that they can do for just a couple of hours for an additional income. This is one of the top apps if what you are looking for are hourly jobs.

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