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'The Big Bang Theory' Season 10 Episode 8: Sheldon Romances Amy, Raj's Embarrassment; Who Else Has Love Problems? [VIDEO]


"The Big Bang Theory" Season 10 episode 8 will feature the lovable geeks having "girl" issues. Sheldon is romancing Amy to have a baby and Raj is embarrassed about new girlfriend's job, These are what some of the boys are dealing with in the eight episode titled "The Brain Bowl Inoculation."

In episode 8 of TBBT Season 10, Sheldon and Amy continues to live together, despite Sheldon finding out that Amy's repairs in her apartment have been completed a long time ago.

The two will then make an experiment combining their genes. When the experiment turned out to be successful, Sheldon became frantic and wanted "to make a baby" with Amy, CarterMatt reported.

Now, Sheldon's idea of a baby is not prompted by personal choice, but by the potential gain that the humankind will have. Sheldon thinks his baby will undoubtedly have impeccable genealogy.

Amy is not easily convinced, prompting Sheldon to play the Cassanova. Wearing a tux and decorating their apartment with candles and flowers, Amy went home to a romantic Sheldon showing off his dancing skills.

However, the brilliant physicist completely failed on the dance floor with Amy saying "You are ridiculous," IBTimes reported. Nonetheless, Sheldon is determined to procreate with Amy.

Meanwhile, Raj has a girlfriend. Previously, he admitted that his relationships with Emily and Claire did not work out. The admission was meaningfully shared with Howard in the hot tub he shares with wife Bernadette.

Now Raj will have a new girlfriend, a good turn for Kunal Nayyar's character who has yet to play a central role since the season began. He is embarrassed to tell the group what his girlfriend does for a living. This is not surprising because his friends are known to be highly critical especially Sheldon.

In previous episode, Leonard is not faring well either after discovering that Penny is secretly stashing his prized collectibles in storage. He recommends that Penny redecorates their room, which she will but in pink. In the end, Leonard secretly stores Penny's stuff in Sheldon's old room.

Watch how the TBBT boys will fare on season 10 episode 8, which will air on Nov. 11, 8 p.m. EST on CBS Network.

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